There once was a son
who thought to have fun
and decided to go
his own way

So he packed up his bag
and saddled the stag
not knowing he would
go astray

Some say his father
could no longer bother
and sent his own son

But here is the scoop
he just plain flew the coop
and decided to see
a new day

Some say his trouble
his father did funnel
the result of his great

But alas its not so
its the son
dont you know
who created it on the way

The son now decided
the place he resided
was nothing like where
he called home

But misfortune had bred
a terrible dread
for the guilt
he would have to atone

As he walked up the path
he now saw at last
the place from which
he did roam

And his father was there
with nary a glare
and declared to his son

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